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What is Horse Pay?

HorsePay is an equine advertising platform with a built in transaction payment system powered by Stripe. We provide a week long warranty which protects buyers from being misled, and allows sellers achieve better prices because of the increased level of trust. We provide trust and confidence when trading equines.

Why choose HorsePay?

When you use HorsePay, you minimise the risk involved because of our secure transaction method. We give buyers the opportunity to get their money back if they have been deceived by a seller and we allow sellers separate themselves from the crowd by offering an extra level of comfort to the buyer. This extra level of protection means sellers have instant credibility with complete strangers and can achieve better prices for their stock. It really is a win win situation!

How does HorsePay work?

We have an easy to use listings website to help buyers find their perfect match, and when it comes to paying, buyers put their money safely into the HorsePay hold for one week. During this week, buyers make sure that their new purchase doesn’t have any undisclosed vices like box walking, wind sucking etc. Once the week passes and no undisclosed vices are discovered, the money is released to the seller.

What if a vice is discovered?

If a vice is discovered and it hasn’t been declared, the seller must notify us immediately and get a vet to confirm the vice. If the claim is verified, the buyer gets their money back. Valid reasons for return include box walking, wind sucking, weaving, sweet itch, unsoundness of wind, unsoundness of limb and the use of pain killing, anti-inflammatory or performance altering drugs.